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Air Leaks Out the Base of the Pump

​When ​I squeeze my new Blue Pump-N-Gro, the air goes out around the base of the pump instead of through the valve at the top.​"​

Possibilities for what you describe ... 

1)  There's too much lubricant in the flex seal at the top of the Pump​,

2)  The lube in the flex​ ​seal is too thick (cold Vaseline, for example), 

3)​  You may not be ​pressing the base of the Pump onto your body hard enough​, 

4) ​ Since ​the seal is new​​ - it may not have achieved it's full auto-flex needed for normal pump use. Manually flex the seal with your fingers.

One solution for a sticky seal is to slightly lift the edge of the seal  with your finger when you are inserting yourself into the Pump. This allows internal air to escape from the top as you enter the chamber.

Not Enough Suction from the Pump

​I can'​t seem to get enough suction to make the Pump work

Possibilities why this may happen.

1)  If you are too large - You may be overfilling the chamber of the Pump. You may need a larger Size Pump. 

2)  You may need to wait a little longer for your penis to fill up with enough blood to have an erection (It may take 5-15 minutes, some take longer, some less).  

3)  Once the internal air has been exhausted from the Pump by squeezing - You may need to lightly press on the top of the flex seal as you release the pump side walls to make sure the seal closes tightly. (You should be fully extended inside the Pump by now).  

4)  You can release your finger from the top flex seal when you release pressure on the side walls of the pump tube. The seal will remain tight whenever a vacuum is inside the chamber. 

Solutions for situations #1, #2, & #3 ... 

#1)  You would be better off using a larger size Pump.

#2)  Just wait a little longer after you are inside the pump.

#3)  Press and release the top of the seal appropriately as you squeeze (and release) the sides of the pump. 


We hope these suggestions help​ ​solve possible difficulties in operating a new pump. These problems are not typical, but with all personal tools, a certain amount of technique must be established as you learn how the device works.

Use of Constrictor Rings

Can Constrictor Rings be used with the PUMP-N-GRO?

Although these rings are not really needed with the Pum-N-Gro, some men like to put them on, as they remove themselves from the pump. It’s easy to do – since the ring can be put on the outside of the pump base until you're ready to slip it off onto your penis. A restrictor ring can extend the time you will have with your newly attained erection. Tractal Devices does not supply rings.

Pump-N-Gro has a Powerful Pull

How do I take the PUMP-N-GRO off - once it’s on? - It has a powerful pull. 

Never try removing the Pump-N-Gro without first releasing the contained vacuum – you could harm yourself. 

When a vacuum is in place the reactive holding force can be as high as 10 lbs of pull. And, as soon as you try to extract yourself the reactive force can increase. 

Always release any contained vacuum before you attempt to remove yourself from the Pump-N-Gro. Vacuum release is instantaneous whenever you lift the flex seal with the tip of your finger.

Choosing the Right Pump Size

Reviews are confusing. My relaxed circumference is 4.5 inches which should be a pump Size #15 - but some said this is too big even though they have the same circumference?

We suggest you stay with our sizing chart estimate of Size #15. With your relaxed circumference of 4.5 inches you can expect to be 1.85 inches in diameter with a 30% growth erection. This puts you right in the middle of our Size #15 product on the sizing chart. It is true that some men will grow more or less than 30% but an average growth is just about 30% in diameter. 

The common question we often hear -- "Are you a Show-er or a Grow-er"? -- applies both to length and diameter changes. If you're displeased with our sizing recommendation - write us - we want satisfied customers!

Thank you for your informative response. I needed more info on this to help me decide as the other reviews gave little detail as to why a particular size was not appropriate for them. Your explanation answered my question very well. Thank You.

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The Pump-N-Gro vacuum design is built to counteract many ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION symptoms. This advanced male enhancement device is manufactured totally in Ohio, USA by Tractal Devices LLC. It is molded entirely from a unique clear MEDICAL GRADE polymer. Tractal has been in business for over ten years.

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