Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pumps be used without Lubrication?



Not really, we recommend using liberal amounts of high quality sex oils, lotions or creams at all times. Lubrication helps prevent chaffing and/or any discomfort. YOU SHOULD NEVER EXPERIENCE ANY DISCOMFORT during or after use. If you do – STOP USE IMMEDIATELY – you may not be using it right.

How Long can Pumps Remain in Place?



A routine which extends NO more than one-half hour, each time it’s used, is recommended, 

Some customers  have experimented with longer periods of use. See details under this website's "FeedBack" Tab

Can Pump be Used for Intercourse Penetration?



Our male enhancement  evacuator is NOT INTENDED TO BE WORN - NOR SHOULD IT EVER BE WORN - while you’re sexually penetrating your partner. 

You could harm your partner and/or yourself. 

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Additional Questions

Tractal's Erectile Boosting Vacuum Pump looks great! But other marketed evacuators appear cumbersome and complicated - How does Tractal Devices no-nonsense Patented ultra-simple design accomplish its task?

​The Secret’s in the design of It's top. 

The concept pump in US PATENT #9314396 is extremely simple and easy to use. Small Insertion-Removal motion of the pump — has the power to generate an internal suction. Once suction is made – It’s maintained with no further action on your part. With a little more motion, however, an intense pleasurable pulling force helps you keep your erection. The suction force, if desired, can be released instantly - with the flip of your finger.